I love thy church O Lord. Its walls before me stand. Friendship church had a humble beginning in 1872. From a brush arbor to its present location, it has striven to spread the word, support its members and the community. From baptizing in icy waters to the cool baptismal pool of today, it has never been slack in doing God's written word.

From its founder and first pastor Rev. Nat Abbey to its present leader and pastor, Rev. C. W. Murphy, the word of God has been its foundation. From a building secured by a deacon's mule for payment to its present edifice maintained by the sweat of many membersí brows, the church has been a beacon to lost souls, support for its members and a resource and meeting place for the community.

From old town, through the woods and brush arbors to Haynesville and church quarters it has and is serving as a memorial and monument to so many. Its
spiritual leadership includes many, both great and small, long time servers and short time ones. Pastors included Revs. N. Abbey, Strickland,  J. Green,
S. Nelson, N. Abbott, J. Whaley, P. Whooten, C. Harper, McCurry, C. Booker, R. Mayfield, B
. Lee, P. Lewis, M. Coleman, W. Brannon, R. Coleman, S. Orange, S. Joseph and currently C. W. Murphy.

In addition to its pastors many great deacons and members, too many to mention here, should not be forgotten. It was on their backs, led by the Holy Spirit
that the church survived. Friendship can best be described as the church that cares and the church where the spirit dwells. You are always welcome!